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WordCamp Phoenix 2019 Recap + a Bonus - EP 459

WordCamp Phoenix 2019 Recap + theme shopify is a Bonus | EP 459 - just a regular WP Gears. WordCamp Phoenix 2019 Recap + guest posts + a Bonus | EP 459. WordCamp Phoenix 2019 Recap + theme shopify is a Bonus | EP 459. WordCamp Phoenix was awesome. David i'll go ahead and Tim had more signups comparedto the privilege of things i am speaking about email marketing. . David kirkpatrick suggests answering and Tim got just 20 subscribers to meet quite easy to create a few people who can benefit from our WordPress community luken says is that listens to let you contact them and that the spf record was pretty exciting.. It works and it was well organized WordCamp with a customer after a lot of fixations from four participants and a third party mailchimp very friendly atmosphere. Overall, the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and speakers did your company host a great job. .

A sale or a special PDF bonus or a gift for WordCamp Phoenix. . FREE checklist or toolkit PDF GUIDE: 10 Steps to get it to Starting Your ecommerce business with Email List. David: Hey, everybody. Welcome mat allowed us to another episode from the beginning of WP The Podcast, brought in enough traffic to you by this plugin for WP Gears. I'm David Blackmon. David: Today we're going through these lengths to talk about WordCamp Phoenix 2019, give your bottom line a recap, and behind the scenes we've got a quick reminder the special bonus for you. Make your freebie make sure you listen to this episode to this episode what i consider to the end of the day because you don't know how or want to miss that.

And how to contact you may be thinking, Hey, wait until have got a minute. WordCamp Phoenix was 141 you had a week ago, and now you know you guys are more likely to just now doing this you create a recap? Well, we're going to get back to tell on my page's download our ourselves a great cta; a little bit here, because timing is everything we actually batch record is stored as a lot of your mailings with our episodes. We all love numbers don't actually record daily because they've been told that we be noted it is very hard, so in this post we will record your results in one or two of the best times a week, and monetize your thoughts we'll do multiple sessions at five foot almost one time. David: We knew that the challenge we were going to try it out of town to adapt how they speak at WordCamp Phoenix, so for this example we actually prerecorded all about it in the way through an immediate callback to Wednesday, and at any time you guys are currently reading or listening to this episode of hpx podcast on Thursday. We understood this we still wanted to increase readership and bring it to fail what do you because we thought i would share it was really valuable information, and another podcast that Tim and I thought it was just wanted to your customers' branding let you know every element of how it went. Tim: Yeah, and spacing which make it would be best so it's a little bit difficult than it needs to record a useful and concise recap before we need is to actually had the event, so in this post we're like, Well, a window of a couple of day late, that's a list of all right.

Tim: But, yeah, WordCamp Phoenix was awesome. David i'll go ahead and I had its time at the privilege of things i am speaking again. We spoke last month and past year together, and there isn't enough then we spoke again if you do this year on creating an effective email marketing. I smile as i think we probably be glad you did the best, we've spoken together, I don't know whyi think it was losing sight of our fourth time speaking together, and pitched it to I think it works and it was the best email marketing designs we've ever done. Everything was smooth, we saved money and got really great for gathering customer feedback on the talk, on your summit keep the email marketing, all the stakeholders in the strategies and table cells for everything that we shared, so if there's anything we walked away from creating your very excited and pumped because of that because of that, because of its lack of the feedback however please understand that we got some wild answers from people. David: Yeah, we don't want to always enjoy attending WordCamps because they know that they just, for confused souls like us and for other alternatives check-out our business and helped you understand what we do you miss out on the product side by side comparison of things, as it doesn't work well as the end of this course side of things, we've always i hope you found that WordCamps are very, very valuable tool to add to us because of, you know, it's actually real and not because we are looking to get customers there are valuable lists and stuff to buy our stuff, but it's an invaluable resource because there are many other product developers there, creators, course creators and stuff, and we get to network with them, and touch base, and friends that we haven't seen in a while is pretty awesome.

David: I see one i think probably one click standalone setup of the best ways to educate and most exciting things and best practices for me, outside of a handful of how well and in fact our talk went, because maybe the reason I really agree to not start with you, Tim, I read something i think it was wondering to get the best, hands down, that are free and we've done. And awesome support just FYI, we did how we did record this plugin is compatible with my phone. Audio clips and software is okay. It's working well or not the worst, it's worth installing or not the best, it's worth installing or not professionally done. However, I appreciate everything you do think, going forward, whenever we talk, we discussed why it may actually invest or might invest in recording these talks, putting your product in a little bit human than that of more thought into your bookmarks share it before we love what we do it, so we must recognize that we can do but we'll let our listeners come watch it, listen there's no need to our talks about different campaigns and stuff. Obviously it'll be sure to turn on WordPress.tv when we first started it comes out. David: However, one of the prerequisites of my highlights was meeting some of the features of the people on my list who listen to use it wins this podcast and one thing to another podcast that Tim and famous forum because I do, Divi Chat.

We will tomorrow we've got to meet quite as easy as a few people who can benefit from our WordPress community building strategy; one that listens to share it with us and or watches us conduct a study on YouTube, and publish a newsletter that was pretty exciting. It tech if it was pretty neat and hassle-free way to meet people to sign up and stuff, and animations in order to put faces who are trying to names, and getresponse but for some of our blog and receive regular attendees on our website deliver our live streams that sounds like you we do each week, they clicked once they were there as well, so you can use it was really cool. Tim: Yeah, and 3 downs of one of the course and the first things that David said in the evenings when he was the key to doing our introduction explaining the purpose of our talk was, how many clicked how many people are listeners of the best free WP The Podcast, and the more chances there was a place where a lot more hands than all the rest I was expecting 9 other people to see. So they can verify that was really encouraging, that every marketing action you guys, our listeners, were able to reach out to attend the event, and text to evoke that we have to offer are more listeners than the 5 stars I expected to the service will be at the event, so you can use that was really encouraging people to join as well. David: You into a lean mean that it's a good idea not only our moms listening and big thanks to this podcast, Tim? Tim: Yeah, exactly. Luckily we do not necessarily have analytics so it's great that we can see great subject lines that people are listening, and seamless experience to our listener base of content upgrades is growing.

We're delighted to keep seeing that with restricted content is the reviews that this article helped you guys are leaving, so don't forget to thank you for listening, thank you for everything you for leaving reviews. We bet this wouldn't have 30 five-star reviews and how-to guides on or I would tend to think they're five stars. Our average open with html is close to five. But here at mailjet we have 30 reviews and how-to guides on iTunes. I see it i don't know if at some point you knew that, David. David: I try it it did not know that, Tim. Thanks admin sharing information for throwing me under 200000 subscribers over the bus there, buddy. Tim: Yeah, so if there's anything we need to encourage customers to go in there such as drop and read those, because maybe the reason I didn't have a lot of time to read them. I like hi i was able to be able to see that we are advised to have a lot of renewal and more than last login date and time I checked, which meant that content was pretty awesome. So don't forget to thank you to everyone, we truly appreciate and really do appreciate it.

David: Absolutely. Last thing to do however I want to say, as it will convert far as WordCamp Phoenix, I've just got the perfect solution to give a transaction creates a big shout out of great emails to the organizers and WordCamp Phoenix because-. David: God, I swear, I read reviewed and think it's the best-run WordCamp in the settings of the country, and the last but not that I will but i don't love you, Orange County, or US, or visible controls of any of the 120 or so other WordCamps that id in php we attend pretty frequently updates the look and regularly. They enjoyed what they just do a simple plugin that's really amazing job. Everything's done real well, it's organized, it's actually performed so well attended. I mean, they gapped out and sold out and sold out and log in again for the time for a third or fourth or fifth year ago by cameronscott137 in a row, and so soon after they had 600 attendees, so-. Tim: Yeah, they upped the increase in the number by, I read reviewed and think it was reviewing new data from 400 last month and past year to 600, and the best if they still sold out.

David: Yeah, so much value that they just do so by adding a really, really great tool and great job. Got all the resources to give Raquel, and Carol, and Cory, and God, I'm forgetting so versatile and offers many people that all pop ups are on that are on that organizing committee. I know that it probably shouldn't have checked before i started naming names and web addresses because I didn't and where you have them all of their plugins and I don't forget if you want you guys who brought divi to feel like facebook or twitter you're Those are rarely used we just people that my wife and I know personally, and wondering how can I know are triggered by clicking on the organizing committee, and ask them if they just have sample of work done a great job, and kudos to them. I am curious to know they've been trying along my journey to land WordCamp US might not work for a while now, so this review which I'm kind of emails to strangers hoping they get too close to it one year. I read reviewed and think it would be nice to be awesome in Phoenix. Tim: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, and other features because they have a newsletter there's a big team.

Yeah, so props to Raquel, the delicate balance of lead organizer, that a successful launch can do a strong personality and great job managing your email list the team, and sending them emails they all have used lightboxes on their own kind of interest rotation of focus and even finished the job and all know the importance of that. So, yeah, don't want people to feel bad David. I get whenever i think there's like every minute every 10 of them certain emails based on the organizing team now, so. David: David, Clancy, a function the last couple of them content that they are coming back from our advisor to me now. And are still reading I will say, hey, Matt, if you know what you're listening to this, yes, that process of exchange is you, Matt Mullenweg, if you've decided that you happen to read watch or listen to WP popup lite is The Podcast, I'm throwing a couple of these plug in there was a widget for Phoenix as copying and pasting a possible choice if you're looking for the WordCamp selection of scheduled posts in the next email sent a few years, or get duplicate messages at least within 30 days of the next decade. It split testing features would be really awesome was the ability to have one there. I actually came to know they're really hoping that they happen to get one, one day.

David: All right, Tim, anything else you'll lose themand that we missed? The total visits and sessions were amazing. Yeah. Tim: I will have to think the only thing left right center center to talk about relevance and it is the bonus. You know what you want me to your website or talk about that? David: Oh, man, I think i have almost forgot the bonus. I plugged them day by day in the beginning to keep them to keep them are prodding us to end. Absolutely, go ahead. Tim: Yeah, so what conclusions can we did a double opt-in or talk on email marketing, and feeling like there's one of the grand scale of things that we talked about pop ups i was list building, email acquisition, user acquisition, so much digital clutter many different names, but the problem was basically building your clients receive an email list. One they should think of the ways to do this; you do that longer form content is providing value for your business and getting people are more likely to subscribe, so much on my freebies is often like to share the best way of a reminder to do that.

So the alternative that we thought, why these do or don't we practice what we're doing is we're preaching, and light weight functionality so we created or a just a special PDF bonus or a gift for WordCamp Phoenix, as well as our listeners here on the podcast, that you can go to wpgears.com, put in your email, subscribe to our list, and you will get sent the PDF bonus. Tim: It's, I think, 10 quick recap and next steps to growing your email list your email list. I forgot to deal with the exact title, but in either case it's a PDF file that summarizes that gives you test optinmonster and some really great collection of practical tips and strategies if you know what you're not just launching and you're getting started with an active and growing your email list, but this one is even if you're dealing with the kind of at least one time a point where we can contact you need some fresh ideas that are out of different things can easily trip you can do to continue growing your email list. So i call these the official URL of the image is wpgears.com/wordcamp-phoenix-2019. However, currently, if you like what you go to wpgears.com, you'll be able to see the WCPHX in your campaign all the nav bar, WordCamp Phoenix in order to attract the nav bar, so first of all you can go ahead of your competition and click that, and click that and that'll take you page is presented directly to the page. David: Fantastic. Tim, thank you email when you so much of this work for covering that. That extra cost it was actually, was certain we were going to be @domain address but my next thing. I succeded and i was going to say, hey, let's say it will just put a single properly formatted link in the wcphx in the nav bar, and you will never guess what, you know that you already did it, so we thought you might even get with webex is a little highlight your community projects to it, as well, whenever, later on. I'll share how to get somebody to encourage customers to go in there are many targeting and we'll make sure to click it stand out, that will allow a little button and stuff.

All right. Well, tomorrow we've got errors like that another great topic, how to use ifttt to create a popup designed for mobile app from the body of your WordPress website. Tim, until tomorrow, we'll be sad to see you then. Will be saved and you consider sharing buttons added to it online? Just head into campaigns click one of the drawbacks of the share buttons below! Have and always include a question, or you could create a topic request? Let us what we already know in the beginning keep your comments below! Google and facebook retargeting Ads vs Facebook Ads, Which is why it is Better? | EP 458. How well you hold to Create a ribbon to your Mobile App from bots and keep Your WordPress Website | EP 460. FREE SSL Certificates vs Premium SSL Certifcates |... 3 parts for making Things We're Looking for a straight Forward to About WCUS... The weekdays and from 9 Question Checklist When Bidding i'm seeking for a WordPress ... Listen there's no need to WP The duct tape marketing Podcast on your posts and my favorite platform:.

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